VoIP Bridgeville || Voice Over IP Bridgeville, Delaware

Voice Over IP Bridgeville, Delaware

Looking for Voice Over IP service in Bridgeville, Delaware?  You’ve come to the right place.  We are the number one provider of VoIP Bridgeville.  There are a variety of service options you can choose from.  Here is a break down of our VoIP services.

Residential VoIP Bridgeville

Our residential and small/home business services are perfect for anyone looking for a dedicated single line for their home or home business.  This package is perfect for the user looking for unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada.  You will also be able to make international calls without breaking the bank (we even give you 60 minutes of free international calls to package eligible locations).  When you sign up for this service, you are provided with an adapter that allows the service to work with your regular phone.  It is easy to get started.  Just sign up for the service, connect the devices and you are good to go.  We can either provide you with a local number or you may transfer a preexisting number over from another carrier.
This service is perfect for:
  • a dedicated single line for a small business or residential account
  • someone who wants to use their VOIPo line as their primary phone line
  • someone who is going to make an average amount of calls within the U.S. and Canada
  • a small business with one to two employees who will not need to utilize the phone simultaneously
  • someone wishing to make calls internationally
  • someone looking to replace their traditional stand-alone home telephone line
This service is not ideal for:
  • someone looking to resell VoIP services
  • a business in need of multiple phone lines and extensions

Cloud VoIP Bridgeville

Cloud Voice Over IP service is an inexpensive, cloud-based solution for a variety of needs.  You can gain access to our essential services without any equipment or hassle.  Cloud VoIP numbers can be assigned to you in the form of a US or Toll Free Number, however you will also have the option of porting over an existing phone number.
This service is perfect for:
  • someone who wants an inexpensive way to save their existing telephone number(s)
  • a business or individual that wants a variety of numbers in different locations
  • a business or individual that wants a local presence
  • someone who wants an affordable phone number that will forward to another device or personal number
This service is not ideal for:
  • Anyone who will be making high call volumes
  • Someone looking for all of our features
  • Somebody who wants to make international calls

Hosted PBX VoIP Bridgeville

Looking for a simple to use yet scalable business VoIP service? This is your answer.  Our Hosted PBX is an all-in-one business VoIP service without all the hassle.  With our service you won’t need to hassle with on-site PBX devices.  It’s all in the cloud.  As a customer you will gain access to our customizable vPanel where you can create as many extensions as you want, upload custom hold music and voicemails, create menus, and even send SMS messages.  You will also be able to access powerful metrics to help you optimize your growing business.
This service is perfect for:
  • a business that wants an all-in-one solution
This service is not ideal for:
  • a small business in need of a single dedicated line
  • someone looking to resell VoIP services

Reseller VoIP Bridgeville

Are you planning on reselling VoIP services to new end-users?  This is a perfect way to make money selling a completely customizable service.  Our reseller program offers you the option to resell VoIP services on your own terms.  We offer low-cost options so you can focus on creating a totally customizable business that generates income.
This service is perfect for:
  • Anyone looking to resell VoIP services on their terms

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